Brad Goes Down Under!

March 14th, 2013


Part of being the “Head Honcho” of Brad’s Raw Foods means having to do a lot of traveling.  Brad is always flying around the country for various expos, meetings, and other functions relating to his mission of “spreading thekale.”  And trust us when we say this…he LOVES it.  Connecting with like minded people and growing Brad’s Raw Foods is Brad’s greatest passion and his constant enthusiasm and energy is a force to be reckoned with.  But even the most hard working of people need a bit of a break every now and then, and Brad hasn’t gone on a proper vacation since he started the company over three years ago (!!!).  It was about time the man stopped to relax for more than a moment!

So Brad and his cousin Jenn decided to trek across the Pacific Ocean and head to Australia for three weeks for a — as they say in Australia — “holiday.”  They are spending the first leg of their journey in Melbourne, and then the remainder of their time in Sydney.  And though he’s on vacation, Brad’s looking to meet lots of new people, make great connections, experience fantastic places (especially any local raw/vegan/vegetarian restaurants), and see everything these cities have to offer.  And knowing Brad, he’s going to have a blast doing all of this (and let’s be honest, probably not even relax that much). 

Brad and Jenn will be taking lots of photos, and we’re going to do our best to recount their journey and adventures here!  We’d love for you to follow along here and on Facebook and to give any feedback, insight, or tips you have to offer for them!  Also, make sure to keep a lookout for any special promo codes we’ll be offering to celebrate Brad’s big trip! 


Take a look at the pictures from Day 1 in Melbourne! 



After a long flight, Brad was happy to make it to Melbourne safe and sound…not to mention get some fresh outside air!

parkers2 parkers1
IMG_3615 IMG_3618

Brad and Jenn found some delicious Parker’s Organic Juices at the market!  It was the perfect refreshing drink after a long flight.  Brad loved the “guava & cranberry” flavor.

IMG_0015 2 IMG_3645 graffiti3
graffiti2 graffiti1

Melbourne is known as one of the great street art capitals of the world.  Check out the awesome pieces of work Brad and Jenn found already!  And though it’s not the same as street art, they also found a lot of graffiti in this one area, and we think it looks pretty cool!

river1 river3 river2

They took a beautiful walk by the river!  The weather was gorgeous!

IMG_3668 cafe2 IMG_3622

Brad said there are cafes and delis all over Melbourne, and of course some of them even have chips — although not any Brad’s Raw Chips just yet!  Brad said there is also a food chain called “Pie Face” everywhere.  Look at all those cute faces…Brad’s included of course!

touring1 touring2

Touring in downtown Melbourne.  Look at that blue sky!

car1 car2

We think Brad should definitely drive around Melbourne in this, don’t you?  It would definitely catch the ladies’ attention!


Brad’s not used to driving on the other side of the car!

Hmm, maybe we need to come out with a line of kale dresses…

Brad and Jenn met up with Jenn’s friends Alycia and Kris!


“Pure Blonde” beer to go with Jenn’s blonde hair!

That’s it from Day 1 — make sure to keep a lookout for the rest of Brad’s adventures in Melbourne!

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