Brad Meets With Lee “Supercharged”

March 26th, 2013


Brad made it to Sydney!  His first adventure in the city was meeting up with the wonderful Lee Holmes, from Supercharged Food.  She not only runs her fabulous website, but she also has published a book, called Supercharged Food, is a health and wellness coach, and is currently studying to become a health counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her website is full of fabulous recipes, reviews, giveaways, videos, tips and inspiration! 

“I see a lot of people every day who are in a diet rut.  I think that once you make the mental shift and decide that it’s not about weight loss and it’s more about optimum health, your body will respond naturally.  Making positive nutritious food choices and having the desire within you to change your life better is the first step,” she writes on her website.  She’s our kind of girl!

Brad took a ferry to Watson’s Bay — the beautiful seaside town where Lee lives.  She and her dog, Cashew, greeted Brad with smiles and wagging tails (well Cashew was the only one with a wagging tail).  Lee said that Cashew is a bit of a local celebrity around Watson’s Bay and when the big wigs come in from across the waters, she likes to show them around.  But before Cashew could give Brad a proper tour, they decided to get lunch at a great restaurant called Dunbar House.  The food was amazing, and when Brad asked for extra jalapeño peppers (he likes things as hot as possible), one of the waiters yelled into the kitchen, “What is the hottest thing you have?”  Then apparently all of the chefs replied with: “ME!”

After lunch it was finally time for Cashew to show Brad around.  They walked around a little beach called Kutti Beach — a local favorite.  It was a beautiful day and the sky and temperature were perfect.  It was nice for Brad and Lee to meet up and talk about their stories and similar missions for helping to inspire people to adopt healthier lifestyles.  We just wish she wasn’t so far so that she could make frequent appearances here at The Chip Factory!  We’re excited to hear what other adventures Brad will have in Sydney!

*Make sure to check out Lee’s website, Facebook page, and order her book from Amazon here!  And don’t forget to use the promo code “australia” to receive 25% off your entire order at our online store!

Check out the photos from their fun day here:


photo-20 photo-19 
Brad snapped a few shots of the infamous Sydney Opera House before heading to Watson Bay!
Brad and Lee pose for a quick photo while waiting for their food.

Sydney6What’s better to cheers with than green juice?! 

 Sydney1 photo-16
Lee tries to pose for a photo, but Cashew wants to keep walking!  Brad takes a moment to pose in front of the beautiful blue water and sky. 

Sydney3Lee resorts to picking Cashew up so they can get a good group shot!

Sydney7Brad passed by Doyle’s — a restaurant he visited 15 years ago!