Brad’s Journey on the Great Ocean Road

March 20th, 2013


Brad decided to take a break from Melbourne and head out of the city for a while to take a two-day road trip down the Great Ocean Road — a 151-mile road that stretches along the southeastern coast of Australia.  The road is famous for the beautiful beaches, cliffs made from limestone and sandstone, and the large rock formations in the water close to the shore.  Brad knew all of this before he embarked on his journey, but he didn’t quite know just how incredible of an experience he was about to have.

Brad has driven down U.S. Route 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles before, but he said that this drive was a “whole other level.”  It was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life.  He said that when you see something like that, you can hardly even explain it, and you feel like you can’t even take the right picture because it is just that beautiful.  Nothing would be able to do it justice.  “Seeing those big epic rocks out in the water was completely breathtaking,” he said.

Not only was the experience incredibly beautiful visually, but it was also an amazing feeling to be completely alone on the other side of the world.  It was a good time for Brad to spend a few days by himself and really take the time to evaluate his life and his thoughts.  His company has grown so much over the past few years, and though he loves every minute of it, it was healthy to mentally take a step back for a few days.  In doing this he was able to gain a new perspective and it really offered him a sense of clarity for the direction he wants to take his company.   He also drove through a lot of small towns along the way and would stop to walk along the beaches and really take everything in.  He spent two days on the Great Ocean Road and now he’s heading off to Phillip Island to watch the “Penguin Parade.”  So make sure to check back in for Brad’s penguin update!

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Here are some of Brad’s beautiful photos from the Great Ocean Road: