Brad’s Raw 4 Paws Photo Shoot

August 31st, 2012


Brad’s Raw Foods has gone to the dogs…literally. We’re excited to announce that Brad is launching a line of raw dog treats, called Brad’s Raw 4 Paws. Applying his experience in living foods for people, Brad created an organic treat for dogs that’s nourishing and delicious. Brad’s Raw 4 Paws were bred in the same tradition as Brad’s Raw Chips. These people-grade goodies contain fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, and are dehydrated below 115 degrees to preserve essential enzymes. They are 100 percent natural, and contain no preservatives, fillers, extenders or chemical. Each flavor promotes different aspects of canine health. To celebrate this achievement, we brought in some special guests for a fun (and furry) photo shoot with Brad.

The day started off bright and early at a local park…and then turned not so bright. Our models were not happy when it started raining dogs (no cats, as it was an all dog kind of day) and were worried about their hair and makeup getting ruined, so we headed back to The Chip Factory to continue on with the show. But not before we got a few good shots of Brad and Lucy…


Back at The Chip Factory, the real fun began. There was a lot of smiling, tail wagging, and even a bit of drooling. All of the dogs (and even Brad!) enjoyed taste testing the raw treats. Lucy – being the only female – was clearly the star of the show and wowed everyone with her sweet disposition and photogenic face. Banksy, Ted, and Blue took it well, though, and everyone was able to have some quality Brad-time.


By the time the photo shoot ended, the weather was all blue skies and sunshine. Ted and Blue had enough of their fifteen minutes of fame and headed home, but Brad, Lucy, and Banksy headed back to the park for some more good shots – and also some exercise.



The day ended with dogs and humans alike exhausted, but excited about this new addition to the Brad’s Raw Foods family. Check out the Brad’s Raw 4 Paws Facebook page to stay updated and visit us at the Groom Expo in Hershey from Sept. 7-9 at booth 59!