The Story Behind Our Display Crates

June 7th, 2013

Brad's Raw Foods Display Crates

While strolling the aisles of the grocery store in search of a healthy snack, you may comes across our kale and other raw chips neatly displayed in a rustic-looking crate adorned with our Brad’s Raw Foods logo.

Did you know each of those “Brad’s Raw Display Crates,” seen in stores all over the country, is lovingly made by hand at The Chip Factory in Bucks County, Pa.?

Just behind the facility in which all our raw snacks and dog treats are made sits The Chip Factory wood shop, emanating a chorus of saw buzzes, staple gun clacks, paint can sprays and playful chatter from the hardworking guys making each display crate from scratch.

All the wood we use comes from Tinsman Bros. Lumber, a fifth-generation family-owned local small business, and one of the oldest in the US.

Watch as Alex takes you through the process of hand-crafting these rustic-looking in-store displays. We take the same pride in our displays we do in our products, and we think it shows.