Brad’s Raw Foods Loves Philly! Does Philly Love Brad’s Raw Foods?

May 18th, 2013


A lot of people don’t know that Brad’s Raw Foods is based in Bucks County, PA — right outside of Philadelphia!  So we decided to go on a little adventure in the “City of Brotherly Love” to help spread more of the love for kale.  We started the day in “Love Park” next to the famous LOVE sign, and then quickly made our way to Rittenhouse Square.

It was a beautiful day and there certainly wasn’t any lack of people to get to sample Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale.  Each participant had the choice of trying one (or all!) of three varieties: Naked, Nacho, or Vampire Killer.  The most amazing aspect of the whole day was the fact that so many people were the ones to approach us when they saw the big “Brad’s Raw Foods” boxes we were carrying around!  Two women even came up to us, raving about much they love the Leafy Kale, and said they would do anything to get a box right then and there!

While it was certainly awesome to have so many people recognize our brand and product immediately, it was even more fun to introduce so many people to kale chips (and sometimes just kale in general!) for the first time.  Did they like it?  You’ll have to watch our video to find out what they said!