Defying the Odds

July 3rd, 2012

Every time a lottery jackpot grows so large that it sends the entire country into a frenzy, a news commentator is bound to mention that you have better odds of being struck by lightning than you do of becoming instantly wealthy. I had a similar brush with astronomical odds last weekend in the Hamptons. I’m still reeling from the randomness of it all!

I was in New York City last week promoting my company, Brad’s Raw Foods (@BradsRawFoods), and my visit just so happened to coincide with Organic Avenue’s Love*beauty launch event. I stopped by and spent some time with my friend Arthur Pergament, one of the driving forces behind Organic Avenue (@organicavenue). Arthur was kind enough to extend me an invitation to occupy one of his guest rooms in East Hampton for the weekend. He didn’t have to twist my arm very much to accept that offer.

On Saturday morning I set out on my bike for a ride in solitude to collect my thoughts and get in a solid cardio workout. East Hampton provides excellent scenery for a morning ride; in a way it’s like Bucks County with a seaside breeze. The solitude didn’t last very long, and before I knew it, familiar faces were cropping up at every turn!