Fourth of July Festivities

July 6th, 2012

The second leg of Brad’s Fourth of July extravaganza in the Hamptons began with a few stops to drop off Brad’s Raw Chips and Leafy Kale. First up was Whole Foods in East Hampton, and it was slammed with holiday traffic. Next, Brad dropped in on Provisions Natural Foods Market and Organic Cafe and The Juicy Naam ( in Sag Harbor. The Juicy Naam is the premier place to go in the Hamptons for fresh juices and cleansing coaching, and there are two locations (Sag Harbor, East Hampton).


(Arthur and Giuliana look for a good spot at Georgica Beach on July 4th)

Owner/operator of the Juicy Naam (@thejuicynaam) Giuliana Torre specializes in custom cleanses and one-on-one wellness tutorials designed to transform body and mind. She offers support and coaching, and her stores serve a broad menu of juices loaded with the most nutritious organic ingredients and superfoods. Both stores are absolutely beautiful, and now they’re fully stocked with Brad’s Raw Foods.  Stop by and tell Giuliana that Brad sent you!

On the 4th of July, Giuliana, Brad and Arthur Pergament, one of the owners of Organic Avenue (@organicavenue), spent the day at Georgica Beach in the lovely village of East Hampton. Aside from enjoying the scenery, Brad relished the opportunity to absorb bits of wisdom from his two friends who know practically everything there is to know about juicing. 

The trio left the beach, and on the way home detoured to pick up groceries for a healthy feast. Giuliana was gracious enough to prepare dinner at Arthur’s home, where Brad is spending his week. The night’s fare included fresh salads, a huge bowl of fresh cut tomatoes, and tuna on the grill. It was more than enough to feed the dozen dinner guests who congregated in Arthur’s spacious outdoor dining area. 

Brad especially enjoyed his conversation with Jonathan and Diana Cohen. Jonathan is highly sought after consultant who offers social media advice to Fortune 500 companies. 


(Brad sitting next to Mrs. Diana Cohen)

Thursday night Arthur organized a festive clambake and bonfire at Sagg Main Beach. The night was one to remember, and everyone in attendance enjoyed a beautiful sunset, watched the tide wash ashore in the moonlight, and cooked s’mores on the open fire. Giuliana was happy to have someone else take care of cooking this time.


(A buffet line forms at Thursday’s campfire clambake on Sagg Main Beach)


(Giuliana and Arthur at Thursday’s Clambake)

The crowd snacked on Brads Raw Leafy Kale and hydrated with a variety of juices from Organic Avenue before the main course. The clambake included seared tuna, steamed clams and muscles, shrimp, lobster, corn on the cob, and the biggest, freshest salad Brad has ever encountered in his life. Brad enjoyed a few Organic Avenue juices to get the night started and had a heaping of salad.

His philosophy on occasions like this is not to deprive himself or his palate of experiencing the different tastes and textures available, but to find a healthy balance.

“I want people to know that if you go out to an event like this, you don’t have to give up all the good stuff,” he said. “I make sure that I’ll feel good the following day, and that I’m eating plenty of foods that are good for my body.”

Brad’s typical routine following an eventful evening out where a wide array of foods are served and sampled is a rejuvenating morning packed with green smoothies, juices, and salads.   

There were about 20 people, a mix of locals and friends, enjoying each other’s company in the moonlight at Sagg Main before all was said and done. Brad wanted to give special thanks to Arthur for setting everything up, and all of the new friends he’s met in the Hamptons for being so warm and welcoming.

Watch for more stories filed from the Hamptons this weekend. Tonight’s schedule includes another festive dinner and karaoke. Saturday is the big bash hosted by Arthur, Organic Avenue, Brad, and Brad’s Raw Foods.