Health Coaching

coachThe Nourished Community and Brad’s Raw Foods have teamed up together to bring you the healthiest coaches and health programs around. Brad Gruno started Brad’s Raw Foods out of his passion for living a healthier lifestyle. He converted to a raw foods lifestyle and never looked back. He realized the amazing benefits he felt from incorporating more plant-based foods into his life. Throughout the last few years of promoting raw foods and healthy snacks, Brad has received so many requests for help transitioning to a raw foods diet or just changing eating habits in general.

Through these requests, Brad wanted to create a one-stop shop for people to come and seek healthy advice and get the support they need. The Nourished Community offers a healthy meal planning service, but also offers many different health-coaching programs.

Right about now you might be telling yourself, this all sounds great but what does a health coach really do for me? A health coach is your all the time accountability partner. It’s easy to let yourself down when you want to sneak that cookie or piece of pizza but it’s much harder to let someone else down when you have to report in each day. Our group of health coaches believes that one diet does not fit all. You are an individual and need to eat for your individual needs. You might be here because raw foods have peaked your interest but are not ready to commit to raw foods 100%. That is okay – this is the perfect place to be for you to find the individual support and guidance you need!

Health Coaching programs offered by The Nourished Community:

coach-2Group health coaching programs:

These programs are done either live in our Bucks County, PA office or virtual through a group platform. Group programs are fantastic because you get to bond with others looking to achieve the same health goals. We have a wide range of group coaching programs from Brad’s Raw 60 Day Challenge, which focuses on Brad’s 80/20-diet plan to Healthy Family classes, which are designed to help you find and implement healthy recipes that your kids will love. Please click here for a list of current group coaching programs.

Private Coaching Programs:

Private coaching programs are done one on one with you and one of our health coaches. We have a few different health coaches on staff that specialize in different areas of expertise. Private coaching is really great if you have personal issues that you want to discuss and are looking for more accountability and one on one attention. We have different levels of private coaching and can help you customize a program to fit your needs. We can make this program as intense as you feel you need. If you want someone to come to your house and help clean your cabinets of unhealthy foods, we can arrange that. If you are just looking for something as simple as phone support, we can arrange that as well. Please email to request an appointment to discuss private health coaching.

Corporate Coaching:

We have many different corporate coaching programs that have been designed and developed by Connie Guerin, M.A., M.S. She has worked in the area of human development for more than twenty years. She has facilitated many different classes and seminars for professionals from many different disciplines. Connie can come to your corporate facility and teach workshops to staff or host train the trainer events so wellness coaching can be done all in house. Because the needs in every corporate environment are very different, Connie will conduct a consultation to find out what the needs of the corporate facility are and how she can tailor training and wellness coaching to fit your needs. Please email to request an appointment to further discuss our corporate coaching programs.