Brad’s Raw 7 Day Challenge

7dayOnce a month, Brad’s Raw Foods hosts a ‘raw challenge’ on the Brad’s Raw 7- Day Challenge Facebook page. Participants commit to eating 100% raw diet for a week; this typically includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Participating in the challenge is a great way to experiment with an all-raw diet or just to serve as a monthly body cleanse!

How do you participate? Make sure to ‘like’ the 7-Day Challenge Facebook page and when we announce the “raw week,” simply let us know you’re participating by writing that you’re ‘in’ on the wall. Also make sure to check in EVERY day (at least once per day) to tell us how you’re doing, what you’re eating, any problems you have, any questions, photos or recipes you’d like to share, or just to join in on the camaraderie. This helps keep you accountable and also inspires the other challengers!

Why participate? First of all, it’s a total body cleanse! Whether you eat a vegan diet or are an omnivore, it’s good for your body! Secondly, if you let us know how you’re doing on our wall and successfully complete the week, we will send you your choice of two Brad’s Raw Foods products (continental U.S. only). Finally, many people experience weight loss, increased metabolism, increased energy and clearer skin by the end of the week.

Every session, the challengers have been extremely supportive of one another, sharing tons of recipes and ideas. Each challenger has something to offer the others, regardless of how seasoned you are!

What do you have to lose? Sign up today and join us! We’re happy to guide you on your way!

Here’s what some past challengers had to say:

tweet“If you’ve been thinking of eating raw & vegan @BradsRawFoods is holding a 7-day challenge. Get inspired & get healthy!” -@DrEngfield

tweet@BradsRawFoods love the 7 day challenge #hailthekale” –@GreenShootsDSD

tweet@BradsRawFoods: Who’s excited for Brad’s #Raw 7 Day Challenge?? It starts tomorrow! I’m in!” -@jennazoe

“Yeah! I’m so happy I passed! I enjoyed the challenge and it gave me something new to blog about which also held me accountable so it was definitely a win-win! Healthy people make happy people! You guys have built an amazing and extremely supportive community which is encouraging people to eat healthier and keeping those who are already raw foodies motivated. I get as excited as you do to see so many people wanting to make such a healthy change! I love it!
And THANK YOU for the prize! I am geeking out that I finally get to try the Pina Kale-Ada chips!! Can’t wait!”

-Beth M.

“I really enjoy these challenges they get me back on track and help me focus on my diet. I don’t know if you saw the post but since Sept 5 my triglycerides dropped 111 points, I have lost 31 pounds, no longer take metformin for pre-diabetes and Lasix for fluid retention. I am so happy to have found your website. I found it in researching Joe Cross after seeing his movie and he had where he was visiting the [Chip] factory!!!!!”
-Debbie M.

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