The Nourished Community


The Nourished Community is comprised of a diverse team of enthusiastic health and wellness professionals that are here to coach, mentor, and guide you on your path to better health.

TNC hosts a variety of health-related courses and workshops that support community, continuing education, and networking opportunities with others who aim to improve their lives through health and nutrition.

Additionally, they offer a holistic, plant-based meal planning service that includes recipes that taste great and are easy to make, without compromising your budget. Choose from a healthy Plant-Based Plan, or a completely Raw Meal Plan that is custom built to meet your daily dietary needs.

Learn how to create a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life. If we treat our bodies with the highest regards, it will perform that way. The greatest compliment we can give ourselves is to say, “I feel great!” Let us help you get there. We’re with you every step of the way!

The Nourished Community was created with Brad Gruno as a way to connect and educate others on a healthier lifestyle. Brad knows the differences he felt as soon as he started adding healthier foods into his life. So many things changed for Brad – his outlook on life, his mental clarity, his sleep patterns, his skin, his weight and cholesterol levels, and his overall sense of well being. He is so passionate about his new lifestyle that he wanted a place to share it with others.

So many people have contacted Brad looking for help with their diet and lifestyle changes. The Nourished Community is a place where you can learn, connect with a health coach, and get different meal plan and preparation ideas.

Brad and the entire Nourished Community team look forward to helping you achieve the healthiest way of life possible!

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