How to Make a Living Roof in 5 Easy Steps!

May 8th, 2013


Brad’s sister, Pam, has a sprawling green yard — the kind of yard that feels luscious and magical, especially during the spring and summer months.  She and her husband, Richard, enjoy hosting family parties and dinners outside, utilizing the beautiful atmosphere.  They recently had the idea to build a “summer kitchen” for these occasions, and a big part of their vision included creating a living roof.

They knew they couldn’t just throw some plants on the roof; they had to find a way to layer all the necessary components in a way that it all wouldn’t slide right off.  Richard was originally going to build frames to put the plants in, but then they decided they could just utilize all the Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale boxes they had sitting around.  How awesome is that?!  They were able to layer all the elements in each box and eventually the boxes will disintegrate by the time everything settles, leaving behind just a gorgeous green roof.

Below we’ll outline the easy steps Pam and Richard followed to create their living roof so that you can do the same.  Any cardboard box will do, but we think the “Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale” stamp adds a nice little touch!

How to make your own living roof:

Step 1: Pour small stones into the bottom of each box for drainage.

Step 2: Add a layer of dirt to each box.
Step 3:  Put peat moss over the dirt.

Step 4: Pam and Richard then filled the boxes with parts of their lawn, but if that isn’t an option, you can buy new plants to use.
SummerKitchen4 SummerKitchen2 copy
Step 5: Mount the boxes onto the roof and voila — you have a beautiful living roof!
SummerKitchen3 copy