Mad About Melbourne

March 19th, 2013


Brad has been having a great time exploring Melbourne. It’s such an amazing city with so many things to see and do, and Brad has just been trying to take in everything that he can. He also said that the temperature has been incredibly nice. Before he arrived there was a big heat wave, but now it has cooled down quite a bit and it’s been mostly in the 70s (though that sounds like a heat wave to those of us here in PA!). The other day the weather forecast was calling for rain, but it was sunny and beautiful the entire time Brad and his cousin Jenn were out and about.

They started the day off at Trunk, a cute little cafe that serves great coffee just down the block from their hotel. There’s a great outdoor seating area and they were able to sit down and relax and enjoy watching the morning passerby. Then they went on their way towards the Melbourne Aquarium, and along the way they saw various street artists and performers. Brad thinks that walking is such a great and engaging way to explore a city because when something interests him, such as someone playing an instrument, he can easily stop and enjoy it for as long as he’d like. The walk along the water once they got closer to the aquarium was incredibly beautiful (see the photos below!), and Brad thinks that the bay offers a sense of serenity that is usually hard to find in very urban areas. Inside the aquarium, Brad had a lot of fun looking at all of the various displays and creatures.

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Check out the photos from Brad’s day:

Mel2 Mel1 Mel3
Trunk has a beautiful outdoor seating area and Brad even got an idea for his wheatgrass trays back home!

Mel4 Mel6 Mel5
Melbourne has a great street culture and there are many musicians and live artists. On their way to the aquarium, Brad saw all of these performers — the singer on the right attracted a pretty big crowd!

Mel9 Mel8 Mel10
The walk along the water to the aquarium was beautiful! Melbourne is located right on Port Phillip Bay, and Brad loves the feel of being in such an urban environment that’s on the water.

Mel11 Mel13
Australia is home to the Great White Shark. Brad’s OK with posing with these guys, but he’d prefer not come across any real ones when he’s in the ocean!
Mel16 Mel15 Mel12
Aquariums are such a great place because they’re fascinating whether you’re a kid or an adult! Brad enjoyed looking at the beautiful underwater worlds.

Brad found this hat at the aquarium’s gift shop, and we think it suits him well!