Making Connections ‘Down Under’

March 27th, 2013


It seems like so many people live their lives as though they were trapped in the same bubble — hardly ever venturing out of their usual circle to meet new people.  When you get stuck in this sort of mindset, who knows how many amazing people and opportunities you miss out on every single day?  You never know who is going to turn up and how they are going to influence or affect your life.  Brad came to this realization long ago, and since then has always emphasized the importance of meeting new people and making connections.

He’s only been in Sydney for a few days, and already so many people have come out of the woodwork! For those of you who
have been keeping up with Brad’s travels, you’ll remember that he just met up with Lee Holmes from Supercharged Foods the other
day.  Lee is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, and shares the same mission of wanting to help people adopt healthier choices and lifestyles.  Lee also put Brad into contact with her good friend, Marianne Little, who works as the Creative Director for MJW Advertising.  Brad and Marianne met up for a great lunch by the marina.  It was nice for Brad to chat with yet another passionate,
creative mind — not to mention enjoy the beautiful marina!  Then while hanging out at a cool outside bar, Brad got to chatting with two local women.  They were incredibly nice and were giving Brad a lot of great tips for where to go and what to see.  When the other woman, Lisa Green’s, husband came, he and Brad got to talking about Brad’s company.  It turns out that Warren Green is involved in investment banking and was very intrigued by Brad’s Raw Foods, so the two of them set up a time to meet to chat further.

 1 5 
Left: The lovely Marianne!  Right: Brad poses for a photo with Lisa Green and her friend.

As if that weren’t enough, Brad has yet a few more meet ups planned for the next few days!  He is going to meet with the owners of Parker’s Organic Juices and have lunch with them on their fabulous boat.  They are the only juice company in Australia to make their juices and sparkling juices with nothing except pure, organic fruit!  They are starting to expand into the U.S. and all of us over here at The Chip Factory can’t wait to get our hands on some!  The wonderful Michele Peplinkski is the one currently working to spread Parker’s Organic Juices here in the states.  She’s been in contact with us for a little while, so when she heard about Brad’s trip to Australia, she was awesome enough to put him into contact with the owners of the company!  We’re loving this pattern of one awesome person leading to more awesome people!

parkersThat is one delicious looking assortment!

Brad is also planning to meet with the famous marketing guru, Raven Starre, and her son this weekend.  Raven has built three multi-
million MLM dollar distributorships over the years, and even created the leading marketing training program, “Recruiting Magic.”  As you can imagine, she is incredibly successful, talented, and inspiring and Brad is so looking forward to picking her brain about his company!  It’s always important to get outside perspectives and ideas to keep things moving forward.

raven2The ever so talented Raven Starre!

All of these people have so much talent and passion they could use to positively influence Brad’s Raw Foods, and Brad is so excited to see the amazing things that could result from these connections.  This trip has really helped Brad see that possibilities are anywhere and everywhere.  And who knows?  Maybe there will be a mini Brad’s Raw Foods factory in Australia someday!  If you stay open and optimistic about everything the universe has to offer, than anything is possible.  Brad has already come so far with his company and is so excited for what the future holds that nothing feels out of reach!