Pizza Pizzazz

Brad’s Raw 4 Paws: Pizza Pizzazz


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One whiff of Pizza Pizzazz will transport you and your four-legged friend to an imaginary romp through the hills of Tuscany, Italy . . . or at the very least . . . cuddled up on the living room floor for a healthy snack. It’s a pizza party and all dogs are invited!
Pizza Pizzazz is chock full of Organic tomatoes, which help maintain a healthy weight and are known to prevent cardio-vascular disease. The Organic basil and oregano will give your dog kissing-fresh breath! (If you’re into that sort of thing.)

What Makes Brad’s Raw 4 Paws so Healthy and Delicious?

We use only the finest WHOLE vegetables, fruits and seeds and gently dehydrate them to preserve the rich nutrients and living enzymes that give your pup his pep.
The mainstay of all our flavors is kale, lots of vitamin-rich kale. Kale is the “Queen of Greens” – a nutritional powerhouse loaded with anti-oxidants, iron, calcium, and vitamins. It helps protect against cancer, arthritis and promotes a healthy liver and immune system.

Each of our chop-licking flavors benefits specific aspects of canine health.