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Stock up on your favorite flavors of Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale! 24 full size (2.5 oz.) containers of your choice of flavors are included. 

You will be asked for the quantities of each flavor you would like after you add this product to the cart.

*For retail outlets, please contact the office.

With this purchase, you’re helping to make a big difference!

For every case of Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale that is purchased, Brad’s Raw Foods will donate 2 cents to the Rodale Institute’s “Your 2 Cents Fund.

Your 2 Cents is an innovate program that unites producers, consumers, researchers and educators together to launch the next generation of organic farmers. This is a new program created by Rodale to help fund the following:

  • Scholarships to students pursuing degrees in sustainable agriculture
  • Combat veterans pursuing careers in sustainable agriculture
  • Young people beginning a career as an organic farmer
  • Research projects on organic and sustainable agriculture

The Rodale Institute is an inspirational place with a very special mission that Brad’s Raw Foods is honored to support.

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