Our Visit to the First, and Only, Vegetarian Public School

June 19th, 2013

A student at P.S. 244 enjoys some Brad's Raw Leafy Kale kale chips with his vegetarian school lunch.When Principal Bob Groff and his staff set out to make healthy lifestyle choices a pillar in his school’s educational philosophy, providing an all vegetarian menu was not necessarily part of the plan.

What was part of the plan was providing the students with the highest quality, most nutritious meals possible within the New York City public school budget. This just happened to push the plant-based options to the forefront.

When the school made the official “vegetarian school” announcement in April, we found the news quite exciting and tweeted about it. Mere hours later Principal Groff, already a fan of Brad’s Raw Foods, emailed us and invited us to his school.

We graciously accepted, of course, and drove up to Queens, NY from The Chip Factory in Bucks County, Pa., our car packed to the gills with boxes of our Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale kale chips.

Packed to the gills with Brad's Raw Leafy Kale kale chips, on our way to P.S. 244, the vegetarian school.

Take a look at the video below, highlighting the story of our trip to P.S. 244, the “vegetarian school,” in Flushing, Queens, NY. 

While there we got the opportunity to sit down with Principal Groff and ask him all about the philosophy behind P.S. 244 and the monumental announcement to go vegetarian. While only snippets of the interview made it into the video about our visit, we were so impressed with everything he had to say we wanted to make the extended interview available to everyone. Be sure to check that one out, as well!




 Extended Interview with P.S. 244’s Principal Groff