Phillip Island and the Famous Penguin Parade!

March 21st, 2013


After his incredible drive down the Great Ocean Road, Brad knew that he had to pay Phillip Island a visit.  This infamous island is located about 87 miles southeast from Melbourne and is a popular tourist destination.  The main attraction at Phillip Island is what is known as the “Penguin Parade” at Phillip Island Nature Park.  Little Penguins, the smallest species of penguin, all come ashore in the evenings in big groups after a long day of fishing.  There are boardwalks and viewing stands for tourists to watch from so as not to disturb their natural habitat.  Brad said it’s an amazing sight, and as you can imagine, these penguins are insanely cute (see photos below for proof!).  In Australia they are often called “Fairy Penguins” because of how small they are. 

Phillip Island is also known for its great surfing conditions, but unfortunately Brad did not have a chance to try that.  We would have loved to see some pictures of him on a surfboard!  There is also a huge history of Australian motor racing on the island and there have been various races and circuits there over the years — beginning as far back as 1928.  Phillip Island is also home to the Koala Conservation Centre where people can walk through treetop boardwalks to watch the koalas in their natural habitat.

The Nobbies” is another amazing attraction on the island.  It is a particular area that offers an amazing view, and not far from it are the “Seal Rocks,” where the largest colony of Australian Fur Seals live.  Tourists can view the seals with special binoculars that are set up!

Brad had a great time exploring the island, but unfortunately he was not able to take any photos.  We wanted you to be able to get a feel for the island, so we visited the Visit Phillip Island website and decided to share some of their photos with you here.  If you ever happen to be in Australia, Brad highly recommends that you pay this intriguing island a visit!

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Take a look at Phillip Island:


PhillipIsland2People wait in the viewing stands for the penguins to make their way to shore. (Photo Credit:

Phillip Island 1

We have to admit that if this is a parade, it’s the cutest parade we’ve ever seen! (Photo Credit:

This little guy is so cute he doesn’t even look real! (Photo Credit:
The view from “The Nobbies” is incredible! (Photo Credit:

The seal cameras are a great way for tourists to get to see the seals without disrupting their natural habitat. (Photo Credit: